Modern Indian Mom is just another companion for you in your journey to be a balanced mom. With a little one (My son Keith) on hand my priorities have changed in life, and so beautifully my life revolves around him. However I do wish to celebrate this life not just as a mother but also as a woman…. Let’s help each other to keep this woman (in each one us) alive!! Through Modern Indian Mom I share my part of journey…. It’s definitely an ongoing journey and who enjoys it alone? Hence I want you to join the gang and share your thoughts, experiences, ideas and have a good time around.

I blog about everything around me… my family, my experience with people around me, food, fashion, makeup, travel & all that I could share. I am sure many of you would easily connect to me. If you are food lover you got to love my Gourmet Hub, If you are looking for a new product or just want to know more about what’s available in the market you can check out my space for Product Reviews, If you wish to spend time reading about DIY’s, Fashion & Make, Travel, General everyday tips, Or simple gossip 😉 you can join me on Random Musing. So what’s your favorite on this blog? If you wish to reach me to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions or complaints please write to me HERE

I am Renu, an Indian, settled in Qatar for a while now. I finished my education back home & have worked for years before I took this break to look after my little one. I love to travel but I haven’t travelled much as yet, I love to write, I love to cook, I love to dance like nobody is watching, I love to party, My favorite color changes with my mood… but I love them all at different times. I love to learn about different cultures, may it be language, food, or faith… it’s a different story that my very very happy interfaith marriage is a reason to a long (9 years) dragging fight for my rights to practice the faith I was born with… Thanks to my in-laws 🙂 & this may not be the end of my list but surely an important one is I love to make friends.

I am sure of making many more friends thorough Modern Indian Mom.



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