What to you choose to attract this year? (Article published by Society Magazine, Qatar)

Since Jan I am writing for Society, a Qatar based magazine. Even though I have posted the article links on my page I thought sharing it here would be a great idea. So I am beginning with my article “What to you choose to attract this year? published in Jan 2015. I would be sharing all the features really soon.

Image Credit - Society Magazine Image Credit – Society Magazine

As the month of hope and new beginnings arrive it’s quite usual to see the near and dear ones working on their resolutions. It’s furtively common to have a candid chuckle on how fragile resolutions could be. Do we really have to wait year-long for January to make a beginning? The answer is NO. Every sunrise is an opportunity to ASK what we wish to have. Every morning breeze is an opportunity to show gratitude for what we have and all the good things that are on the way for us. So why not treat every morning like a new beginning? Let’s begin this year with a promise to ourselves to be positive and believe it’s all there in the universe. All you need is, ask for it and you will have it!!
As we continue to live in a narrow passage of our beliefs, it’s never too late to accommodate this undemanding philosophy that says “Thoughts become things”. The fact is we are manifesting all the time. Our thoughts are constantly in a tête-à-tête with the universe. It’s about connecting our thoughts and positive energies to the universe because this is what helps manifest. The vibrations sent out to the universe help manifest a desire, however, in order to achieve this; the conscious and subconscious minds, emotions and energies have to be aligned. This simple, yet complicated conjecture is nothing but “law of attraction”. Every individual is a magnet that has the potential to attract the things that they want indisputably. If you continually think about something, want it more every time, you eventually manifest the thought in your life. As the quality of thought improves so does the life. When the mind conceives it, heart believes in it, the universe works to reward us with the most awaited gift.
The concept of law of attraction is simple yet complicated. It undeniably sounds easy, but occasionally fails to show results because one may not be doing enough to translate thoughts into reality. To make it work, the first step would be to know what one wants and wants desperately. It’s a step towards self realization. When you ask yourself “what is it that I really want” you will see something’s that you needed so badly till this moment has actually slipped down the list. Once the wish is known, however impossible it looks the challenge is to believe it is already yours. One has to live every moment thinking and believing in what they want. Keep the doubts and fear away and let the positive energies work for you. Whatever is going on in the mind is what we attract. So why choose to be negative? If thoughts make us, positivity is the key to happiness. Think positive and attract happiness and peace.
Law of attraction is a concept that can support to lead life with optimism and conviction. Best advice would be to never test or try it as a magic wand. The more you practice it, the more you learn to be positive and enduring. Here are a few things that can help accelerate manifestation and can enable one sail through this journey of simple existence.

1) Affirmations – Affirmation is an encouraging self talk. Making a list of things you wish to attract and reading the list out every morning and before you hit the bed keeps these wishes in conversation with the universe all the time. Having this list on a white board in your room or on the soft board at your work station will keep reminding you and the universe what these wishes mean to you. The list you make should be a list of intentions and not intended actions. For e.g. I will be regular to the gym. Going to the gym is an action, but not the result you are looking for. You affirmation can be “I am healthy and happy” OR “I am fit, healthy, attractive and happy”. For a positive start at work, your affirmation possibly can be “I believe in myself and my capabilities” OR “I am consistently offered new opportunities followed by success” Affirmations are not just for your eyes, you can always begin your day with a verbal positive affirmation. Began every morning on a positive note with a positive affirmation like “Day by Day… Everyday… my life is getting better and better”

2) Visualization – Day dreaming is not bad at all if you are dreaming for a purpose. Visualization is a meditation technique that elevates our senses and emotions using pictures that our mind imagines. One can practice visualization anywhere. Nevertheless, if you are new to this it will take a couple of days for you to get in the groove. To visualize, find yourself a quiet place, take a comfortable position, have clear intentions of what you wish to imagine, clear your mind of all other thoughts…. In this state, your mind is a canvas for you to paint your imaginations to bring them to life. Having a clear mind may sound difficult and may need a bit focus and effort, but just know it is possible. If your thoughts bother you too much backward counting can be very helpful and I am saying it with experience. It’s all about positivity. Negative thoughts attract negative things…. So keep your visualization to ease positivity in you.

3) Gratitude – We all have something or the other to be thankful about. While the other side of the coin says we all have something or the other to worry about, to be sorry about, to feel bad about or to feel angry about. It’s simple to focus on the good things happening to us and show gratitude for what we have. The more you feel happy and peaceful for what you have, the more you attract. It is an absolute way to bring more into your lives. So appreciate what you like, say thank you for someone’s hard work, be thankful for all that you have in life and feel the happiness reassuring yourself that you have in abundance.
This new year, bring out the “NEW YOU” with affirmative thoughts, meditative visualization and expressing gratitude. Wish you all a thoughtful and positive year ahead!!

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