MOISTUREX – Best ever Emollient, Humectant Cream

I am in my favourite city… Mumbai…  having a lovely time with family and friends.
Whenever in Mumbai i make sure i buy a stock of this amazing Emollient and Humectant cream and take it along. Its not available in Qatar or any other place i know. I still thought of writing a quick review about this product along with its composition so you can pick up one if you are in India or look for a substitute with similar composition.


I am always troubled with dryness… my skin,my hair are nothing but dry and troublesome for me. I was prescribed Moisturex by a dermatologist when i had extremely dry foot with portions of thickened skin in here and there.
I must say this works beautifully. Regular use for a couple if weeks leaves you with lovable skin. On applying it does feel greasy so best time to apply it is just before u hit the bed, but repeat application during d day works for great results. Within few minutes of application greasy touch just disappears leaving your skin smooth with a layer of waxy coating.

Here is the composition incase you wish to look for a substitute.


Hope this helps & leaves you with happy the amazing results!!

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14 Responses to MOISTUREX – Best ever Emollient, Humectant Cream

  1. samita says:

    Products is good. But packing is not good. Comfortable. Because isWeaste creme is little thick .so pump is not suitable.

    • I agree Samita.. earlier they had a much practical packaging… this packaging may not be as good but the product is really good. However Nivea repair and care also is a urea based cream and if you need to use for larger area its worth a try 🙂

  2. venkat says:

    can we use moisturex for stretch marks?

  3. baiju says:

    Can We apply this cream on face. Could you suggest please

    • Well it has 10% Urea. 10% Urea has exfoliates too.. and hence may not be perfect for face. Unless your doctor thinks your facial skin really needs 10% urea based cream.

  4. B KARUNA KUMAR says:


  5. I WANT 2 PACKS OF EACH 100 GMS what is the cost , whether i can book online, what is the total price for nos of 100 gms each, whether COD available or not.

  6. Banu says:

    Really it is good. It gives best result for foot even in 2 application itself. I love this. But now its not available here.

    • That’s not good to hear.. I have attached a picture of the composition of the cream. Main ingredient is Urea (10%). Please check with your chemist if he has any other cream with similar composition.

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