What does it take to be a cooperative co traveller??

Not once but so many times i have come across this situation and sadly it disheartens me everytime!!  Last nite on board a Doha-Mumbai flight me and my toddler were assigned seats in two corners. I know you would think airlines should be careful about alloting seats to toddlers but my husband works for this airlines and we travel on staff ticket and first preference is given to other passangers and staff is alloted leftover seat. SO i can only be thankful being alloted a seat. Coming back to the pain…  i wonder what difference it makes if you have to move from one seat to the other to help someone. In past i have been in the same situation and sadly on asking for help people say sorry….  is your window seat more important than a toddler being with his mother in a 3hr flight?
Last night i had two wonderful ladies sitting beside me and i asked them if they were travelling together and they said no… i checked if they can help me swapping the seat and the lady next to me kind of agreed while thinking if it will be convinient
I offered her to walk her to the seat to ensure no troubles for her. And then the other one shoots… she says this seat is way far from this one… so you should go there and request someone from there to come here… according to her it would be an incentive to move to a seat closer to the exit gate… i wanted to ask her… really? Why cant you keep quite when you cannot help? Her advice was a pain for me, the girl who agreed to swap suddenly kept quite and i felt she would be happy to stick to her seat. Flight is about to take off and my son is still on my lap as crew is not able do to much on a full flight!! I asked for a baby seat belt preparing myself to travel on one seat for both of us. Crew tried checking again if someone could help and people said no as they would not want to seperate from their familes or friends they are travelling with!! Finally the girl who agreed earlier agreed to move happily…  i cannot thank her enough… she made things really easy for me!! My husband would not take a blink to say yes to this kind of a situation to help someone and i know there are many such helpful people but sadly i dont come across many!! People… moving closer to the exit gates has no benifits really… the plane does not move till the last passanger is out….  its great to travel with your loved ones but does it take alot to know that a toddler cannot sit away from his mother for a 3 hr or even shorter flight?
I am writing this post requesting all you readers to help your fellow travellers…  some small gestures make big impressions…  i will never forget the kind girl who helped me and i thank her for making my journey stress free!!

PS: posting from a smart phone so please ignore my typos 🙂

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