Maldives for a family holiday!!

Why Maldives
I was all excited and packing my bags for Sri-Lanka but the happiness did not live long 😦 We had to drop the idea after the news on communal unrest in some parts of Sri-Lanka. Its not so easy to plan last minute travels with an Indian passport & we started looking for places we could travel with least planning. There are few places (we would like to visit) that offer Indians visa on arrival. Maldives is one but I kept postpoing the idea of a holiday here for two reasons… I am quite close to an aquaphobic & this fear of water extends for my little ones safety too. But like I said options were few & we badly needed a break. I couldn’t so no when dear husband said “I am there, you will be fine and have a lovely time… I promise” So MALDIVES!!!





About Island & Stay
Any island here is heavenly beautiful & screams serenity but your overall experience is highly dependable on the resort you choose. Its one island, one resort in here so its best to spend some time researching and reading reviews before you book your stay. Most resorts were booked on the dates we wanted to travel & hence we picked up what was available. We stayed at Adaaran Club Rannalhi, I will soon post a review on this resort. Most resorts offer Half board or full board option and it’s not a bad idea to go for full board because you will not have any options other than your resort. Adaaran Club Rannalhi offers full board option that includes selected drinks (both alcoholic & non alcoholic) and snacks too. If you are a water baby unlike us you can spend all your time exploring the sea and the beauty beneath. Breathe fresh air, soak in sun, Enjoy the blue waters, have a drink, pamper yourself in a spa and spend a perfect holiday. Even though we are not water babies really we had a wonderful time together. Wonderful just for the family time spent away from the rest of the world. My toddler loved spending his time by the beach, enjoying the waves washing off the sand on his feet, making sand mountains with daddy, watching herons, watching crabs and posing for the camera 😉 When you have little ones with you, you enjoy everything that they do… so yes we did all that he did and enjoyed to the fullest. A glass of beer & wine was a reward for mum & dad though!!






What to carry
I am not very good at travelling light but I have to say you don’t need much. You will spend most of the time relaxing at the beach or swimming & floating… so you will need some breathable clothes. Do I need to mention a beach wear?? Its a must have!! Most resorts will not allow you enter the restaurant areas in beach wear so a beachwear cover-up is a must have. You don’t need any shoes here, so a pair of beach slipper is more than enough. Sun protection creams and lotions should top your packing list. I packed Garnier Ambre Solar shimmering high protection lotion & loved it!! Caps or head bands are not a bad idea too. Equipment for water sports are easily available on rent with most resorts but if you have your own, best to take it along. I always travel with light snack and munchies for my little one but even if you do not have kids along its best to have some of your favourites for yourself. I packed some dry fruits as my son snacks on them, long life milk (small packs) for him again, short bread (walkers is what my son loves), and some chips. Some resorts do have on island doctors or pharmacy but its best to carry personal medication. We packed my little ones medication but nothing for us. I landed with a terrible headache and I was lucky to get ibrufin from the pharmacy at the resort. To capture all these lovely moments you definitely need a Camera. So your camera and charging equipment’s are must.

This is a perfect holiday destination if you wish to get spoilt doing nothing 🙂



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4 Responses to Maldives for a family holiday!!

  1. noorlaila265 says:

    So sad u couldn’t go to SL, please try again once all the problems have died down x

    • Oh yes… thats the plan… i m very sure about a travel to SL. Btw howz ur family back in SL? hope all safe n doing well!!

      • noorlaila265 says:

        They are all in the north-east so no issues there as its a primarily Hindu and Muslim area all throughout the east and north. One of my friends just came from SL to Dubai and she is Buddhist Sinhalese and said that even in the airport they were questioning her lots about why she was leaving, so I can’t imagine what its like for any Muslims trying to leave! Such a shame your trip was spoiled, I have loads of tips on places to go and things to do if you haven’t been before? x

      • Thanks Noora. No i havent travelled here before but my husband has and he loves it… once we decide to travel i will definetly look at you for suggestions on what not to miss 🙂

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