Must-Have Summer Bag Essentials

Summer is in and the sun is up and screaming. While many of you enjoy tanning on beaches & sipping beer, some wish spring stayed forever 🙂 Its really hard to keep your self looking & feeling fresh all day specially if you are going to be out in the intense sun for too long.

Hand bag must haves for summer

Hand bag must haves for summer

Here is a list of few things that might help you live through a sunny day.

1) Sun protection cream – Take it as seriously as you care for an appropriate footwear on your favourite outfit 🙂 You just can’t do without it. Even if you are indoors most time, you still need sun protection. You have a wide range of products available in the market & its best to pick up SPF 30 and above. You have many moisturizing creams with SPF but majorly the SPF is 25 and below. I am using Avène Very High Protection Cream SPF 50 + right now & you can read the review HERE. Another favourite Product is Shahnaz Husain 8 in 1 Nano Sun Block SPF 25. This product range is just awesome & you do have higher SPF’s available in the market. It’s not just about protect your face & neck, you must use it on your body too. There are easy to use SPF sprays available in the market that saves you the hard work of applying the SPF lotion on your body.

2) Sun glasses – Reduce the glare, look & feel good with sun glasses. Sunglasses protect you from external factors resulting in dry eyes. Also, reduced glare gives you a better vision. There are many styles & designs available in the market. Check out THIS post to see style trends I blogged little while ago.

3) Hat / Umbrella – Hat is a must have accessory for summers. Heat often makes your hair loose moisture & leaves them dry and unhealthy. A hat will not only protect your hair from heat but also add a style statement. While buying one you must look at the designs that are travel friendly that fits in your bags easily.

4) Wet facial wipes – Beating the heat is definitely not so simple for people who spend most of the time outdoors. Wet facial wipes are very handy to gently cleanse the face and feel fresh. I use Nivea face wipes, It’s really gentle and comes in a travel friendly pack.

5) Face mist – My favourite face mist is “The Body Shop” vitamin E face mist. And this product is in my hand bag all year-long… It’s perfect to revitalize your skin & give a you a refreshing lift.

6) Bottle of Water – Stay hydrated with loads of liquids to beat the heat and keep your body nice and cool. It’s great to infuse your water with Cucumber, lemon, strawberries, or mint. It will not only add flavour but also add up some nutrition. Other than water, Coconut water, Lime Juice, fruit juices are great ideas to keep the heat away.

Irrespective of weather, I am sure you always have your favourite lip balm, moisturizer, hair bands, comb, perfume etc. making your hand bags heavier 😉

What is it that one favourite thing in your handbag that always goes with you? It’s really hard for me to name just one!!!

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