Product Review – Shahnaz Husain 8 in 1 Nano Sun Block SPF 25.

I got this product free with another product. It kept sitting in the drawer for quite sometime. I thought why not try it out when I like most products under this brand. I really liked it and used it regularly till used it all up. I got this from India when I was on a holiday & I don’t get shahnaz products around so I switched to Avène Very High Protection Cream SPF 50 +. This product is just about SPF 25 & I don’t know how much that helps if you are out in intense light. I picked up a high protection cream this time, however next time I visit home I will definitely look for a higher SPF in this product range & happily give away on Avène Very High Protection Cream SPF 50.

8in1 Nano Sun Block

8in1 Nano Sun Block

This is what makes me love this product.
Product Claims – 8 in 1 Nano Sunblock / UVA & UVB Protection. 8 Properties stands for Sun Protection, Moisturizer, Water Proof, Matte, Non Greasy, Anti-Tan, Skin whitening & Anti-ageing. I love how it moisturises my skin and leaves it supple for long hours. I always use it over my regular moisturiser but in case in rush, this cream works great to keep my skin moisturised for few hours. I don’t like using products that give a matte finish because it does not go very well with my dry skin. However this gives an amazingly matte look without making my skin feel dry. A good quality product will always moisturise without making your skin surface feel greasy & this product keep up its promise. Not all sun protection products are anti-tan and that’s why I like it. I have no fantasies for tan skin after being born with one :-(. During my visit to Georgia, my travel guide said you are so lucky to have this tan skin… and I said yea the grass is always greener on the other side 😉 Skin whitening and anti-ageing properties are great in a sun protection product as it protects and work towards revoking the sun damages like dark spots, uneven skin tone etc. that already exist. Its a 10/10 product for me. This amount of SPF should work well for someone who stays indoors most times. One must try this!!!

Packaging & Content – Packaging is kept plain and simple with tube containing 80 g product. Product is a thick cream but easy to work with. It blends in very well. You will see a white layer on your skin when you apply this, however it all blends in with the skin in a matter of minutes. There is something that really gives an amazing glow to my skin just after few hours of applying this. Skin looks clear & fresh.

How I use this product – I usually wear my sun protection over my moisturiser or moisturizing repair treatments. But if I am out of time just a layer of Nano Sunblock cream leaves me moisturised for good few hours. I apply it twice a day. Once in the morning before I step out to drop my son to school & again in the afternoon e before I pick him. This way my skin is protected for good 8 – 10 hours.

Price – As I mentioned before, this product came free with another product. However some websites are selling these for Rs. 139 only. I can see there are sun protection products with higher SPF for Rs. 360 only.

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