Peppermint tea for migraine.

This morning I woke up to migraine.. couldn’t open my eye to light and felt absolutely sick.
But I had to get to the kitchen to pack lunch for my boys. It was getting really difficult for me to work. Migraine is not new to me but I see it coming back really often.  I hate popping paracetamol just to avoid getting use to it.

peppermint tea

I have read alot about curing headache without popping pills and the most recommended seems to be use of lavender and peppermint oil. I am yet to buy a bottle n keep it handy for those bad days.  I knew I had some peppermint tea bags in my kitchen cabinet and thought of giving it a try to ease the pain. AND I must say it worked amazingly.  A cup of peppermint tea ( I used Dilmah) and the headache reduced drastically in minutes.  In about an hour and after breathing some fresh air I am feeling much much better. 


So if you fight headache every now and then keep some lavender and peppermint EO handy. You may dab a few drop on your forehead or inhale some with a refreshing steam. I don’t know if peppermint tea would work for you… but it worked really well for me, so guess no harm having a pack somewhere in your pantry 🙂

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