Pain of loosing a child…

Its time to sleep… but my little one is just busy kissing and cuddling mumma… he wont stop… And I so love it. But since I heard about a good friend loosing her baby,I am living in immense pain. Every time my little one comes closer and cuddles me my heart breaks for her… I wonder what she and her family would be going through.
Finally my boy is fast asleep.  I try hard to sleep but I fail to fight the tear drops rolling down all the way to my pillow. The thought of her, going through this time is just killing me. I feel like a sharp object is hitting right in my heart through a big rock sitting on my chest making it impossible to breathe. At such times you know the meaning of being helpless. I want to hug her and say it will be all right…   but soon I realise I am just another helpless mother who cant fight this friends destiny. God… why? Why do we have to go through such unbearable pain in life? I pray she n her family gets the strength to live through this loss. Little Boy… wherever you are… you will be loved and missed by so many. RIP darling.

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