Product Reviews – The Body Shop VITAMIN E FACE MIST.

Even though I do not wear heavy make base everyday I wanted to have a face mist that hydrates & at the same time sets up my make up as well. I picked this face mist for the purpose but now its a part of my everyday skin care routine. Its a great product to be in your handbag on the go. Here is a little more on this one.

The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist

The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist

Product Claims – A quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection. With a delicate rosewater scent. Well pretty much true. Its a calming & refreshing product that has worked really well for my dry skin. And hence I would agree it moisturises as well. About setting makeup, it will do a decent job if you do not wear a very heavy make up base. That’s right… I mean its not a great product to set up make up really. But like I said its great to have it in your hand bag & a spray should be great to refresh yourself. Weather you like rose scent or not, let the scent not bother you much because this is really really mild and wont stay for long.

Packaging & Content – As you see it in the picture, it comes in a light pink colour bottle with a spray nozzle / Pump. Being a plastic bottle its sturdy and breakage free. The transparent bottle cover fits very well and you need not worry about any spill overs if you carry it in your handbag. The spray nozzle dispenses the product evenly. The product is light, refreshing, moisturising but not greasy. All in all the packaging is travel friendly, product is great for everyday use.

Star IngredientsGlycerin being a humectant attracts moisture & keeps your skin hydrated. Next I see is Rosa Centifolia water. Rose extracts act as natural toner & the soothing fragrance works great to uplift your mood and reduce stress. Triticum Vulgare Germ oil (Wheat germ oil) is the ingredient that supplies the Vitamin E in this product to nourish your skin. This oil works as a great skin conditioner leaving your skin soft and supple. Glycine Soja oil is another source of Vitamin E in this product. Glycine Soja is Soyabean extract & is a powerful antioxidant. This ingredient is filled with anti-aging properties & works great to minimize the sun damage to your skin. So all in all this product moisturizes, nourishes, conditions & protects your skin for external damage. Its no doubt a great everyday product.

How I use this product – Like I mentioned before, I do not wear heavy makeup. Also a skin toner was always a part of my everyday skin care routine. So, now this acts as a everyday toner for my skin. I have stopped using my skin toner, instead I use this spray to nourish, soothe, protect & repair my skin. I do top it up with my moisturiser & sun protection before I step out. If I am out for long in a sunny day a spray always refreshes my skin. I have not tried this product on very heavy makeup however I have used it over my medium coverage foundation & BB creams and I must say it does not budge the colors on your face. All in all its a great product & worth to have.

Price – 100 ml- QR 45 (About USD 12.5). This product lasts for ever so I guess its worth the price.

If you come across any other but better product with similar properties do drop me a line here.

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