Your smart phone can give you some real pain!!

For about a week or so my right thumb was in pain. I did not bother to do anything about it believing it should be “some” pain which will be fine. One of these nights the pain turned unbearable. I was too sleepy so I managed to sleep but woke up early because of this pain. My thumb was swollen & just around the joints I could see a bone like structure popping out. The pain was so much that I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee. We booked an appointment with our doctor & I was chatting with my husband & wondered what could cause this. His first question… are you using your phone too much? I mean do u chat, type too much with this thumb? I said NO.. I mean I use the phone but not as much that it could cause me so much pain. But my mind kept questioning me if I was right. I use the phone to chat with my friends, my social network updates keep buzzing me, my email alerts call for a view, I read new blog posts on my phone, & games?? No games please… that’s the only thing I don’t use my phone for 😉

So we met the doctor. Doctor said nothing to worry. Nothing is wrong with the joints & its the tendon (a tissue that connects muscle & the bone) that is inflated or swollen. Its called Tendonitis. This kind of injury is possible only on overusing the tendon. And… the doctor looked at me (with a question mark in his eye) Before he could ask me what could have caused this pain, I asked him… and he said generally this happens to people who do stamping, stapling jobs… are you working? I said no I am a home maker for now… next question… so do you play games on the phone? lol I had no escape. I said no doctor that s the only thing I don’t do on my phone, but I write, read, make my shopping lists, chat with my friends, socialize & I m kind of living a life with this phone. Doctor smiled and said let your thumb rest & do all your writing & socializing using your laptop. He gave me a some anti-inflamatory & some gel for external application. The pain, swelling and discomfort reduced in two days. however i still feel a little bone like structure popping out.

So friends be careful & and say no to Tendonitis!!!

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