Hey friends, Hope you are having a great sunday. For me the weekend just got over & a new week has begun.

I had this product in my kit for some time now but I used it only recently when I had terribly dried & craked lips. The experience is just awesome.

BIOTIQUE BOTANICS Bio Almond Overnight Lip Thearapy Lip Balm

This little jar may not be eye catchy but must say the simplicity in its design makes it cute. For a lip balm this jar is loaded with product (19 grams) & will last ages. Not sure if one can or will use it till it lasts.

The jar is filled with a golden shimmery balm which is a bit sticky for its application. The shimmer looks beautiful but being thick and sticky this product is designed to wear when at home. Little quantity goes long way as it spreads very well and soothes dried lips almost instantly. However I overloaded (to let it stay longer & work) it on my lips because i was using it during the day. If you apply a thick coat over your lips it may feel a bit smudgy for a while but it will not be long that you will love your lips again 🙂


It is slightly fragrant & smells like almond oil with some freshness like you find in vapour rubs (not as strong as vapour rubs are).

Product is available in 16g / 0.6 oz. & is priced at INR 99 (if you buy in India)

I found this site ( where you have Biotique products (along with this one), however i fail to find a link providing information on locations they can deliver. They accept payments in USD,EURO & GBP and hence i assume they deliver in most locations if not globally. So give it a try if you are not in India but wish to try this on.

Whats your favourite lip balm?

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