Product Review – NIVEA BODY CREAM (Repair & Care )

I always keep looking for something that could fight dry skin. I am not a very big fan of body lotions because they are not enough to keep my dry skin moisturised or hydrated for long hours. I am using Nivea body cream for sometime, but recently I saw this another version which said Repair & care and a claim of 48 hours protection. I picked it up and using it for about 2 weeks now and here is the review.

Nivea Repair & Care

Star ingredients of this product are Urea & Dexpenthenol. Urea is used to treat severe dry skin conditions that cause flaky skin, thickening of outermost layer of skin, or cracked skin. It is used in creams from a range of 10% to 40%. however the packaging does not mention the percentage of urea present in here. Dexpenthenol is an emollient (kind of an agent to protect and soften your skin) with similar properties as Urea. So overall this cream will work by protecting your skin from moisture loss & soften your dry skin.

The cream is not greasy at all and does not have any fragrance. You can work it on the skin with ease and feel a smooth shield over the skin surface for long hours. Its claims 48 hour protection & i had also put this claim to a test by not using any bathing bar on one of my arms for about 40 hours. Surprisingly even taking a water wash that arm did not dry out. It still had the smooth shield over the surface. So it’s defintely worth the claim. It has worked great on dry heels too.

Recently i developed acne like bumps just behind my arms. I can only hope it was not Keratosis Pilaris (KP) that is said to affect 40% of world population. Use of this cream everyday for last 2 weeks has brushed away those ugly bumps by at least 70%. So this was really a great relief for me.

I liked this product because being a busy mom I do not have time to keep loading myself with moisturizer every 3 -4 hours. This cream once a day does the job & i am very happy šŸ™‚ I strongly recommend use of this product for dry skin conditions. However you should be careful incase you are prone to allergies. Any new product should be first tested on small areas and then should have its way to your beauty routine. If you are a mom to be or breast-feeding mom you must consult your doctor before use.

Drop me a line about your experience with this product.

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2 Responses to Product Review – NIVEA BODY CREAM (Repair & Care )

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