Words Have Power.

I was once reading a book which said mind what you speak as that’s what universe will fulfill for you. on reading it looked difficult to practice but i wanted to give this a try. But it was not long for me to realise some of my strongest “Wants” were fulfilled by this universe much before i read this book. So was I was practising this earlier? Yes i was… but i was unaware. My mum would always say talk good, say good things, because if the lord above is in a good mood he would fulfill your wish.. Lol how funny that is… but guess its a great way to teach kids to be good.

I have had a very difficult childhood. I lost my father when I was 14. We were 3 sisters and hence no close relatives would want extra responsibilities. My mother really worked hard to bring us up & support our education. We supported with very little we could do. And my biggest wish was a life where I (or any body from my family) would struggle to meet ends. That had to happen as mummy was really working hard for it. And god is kind to give us such a life where we not only have enough for ourselves but can help someone in need too. In all the struggle… my little heart would want many things… but was ready to wait for the right time. On our way to some place, I saw a commercial complex coming up. Mum said I heard some really big companies are going to set up their offices here. I said I want to work in one of those buildings.. I felt so happy when I said that as if i already have the job. And my first job was in the very commercial complex šŸ™‚ Woohhh it worked. We have lived in rented apartments for several years after my father passed away but in the one we last stayed, I once told my mom i have a feeling we will leave this house only to step into ours own. Another wish completed… god was kind. With the job i had and what my sisters and mother could support me, we managed to buy a house for ourself. Whenever i traveled in public transport, i would see those cars on street. Some how the “H” of Honda was very fascinating for me šŸ™‚ and i said my first car would be a Honda & there you go my first car was Honda. In fact I went trying my hands on several cars (with an open mind)… even decided on something else but ended up with Honda.

So all i wanted to say is believe in what you want & it will come to you. No doubt, god helps one who helps himself… so you can’t just ask for it and wait for it to come. Work towards it & believe in it. Important thing to remember is, its ok if you don’t get somethings asked… One day you will say thanks to your lord deciding on your behalf.

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