Time to show some love!!!

It’s almost about 2 years (my son is 18 months old now) that i have really had any time for myself. Day goes busy cleaning, cooking, running behind him. Also i am yet to start driving around which pretty much restricts my mobility in this city (it’s not yet a city with great public transport). Last nite after dinner i realised the room needs a quick cleaning session as my son had his food all over the place. I did all that was required but was too tired after this long day. It ended up in a serious conversation with Mr.husband about the ME time. I love my baby just like most of us do but i do need some time for myself to be more productive. It’s difficult to find a domestic help around but we may get one only when we try & if we have one i will have a little extra bandwidth to look after my little cutest monster (oops… i mean my little sweetheart lol). So… here i took the responsibility to look for some house help soon. Morning Mr. husband reaches office & sends me a text asking me to check my mail. It was such a pleasure to see that email.It was a list of some great fitness centers & Spa’s around the city. And not to forget i will be entitled to some corporate discounts too 🙂 i am feeling great this morning. Very soon i shall take up a membership & hit the gym for some ME time. At the end of this email was a question… How about a short vacation to Greece??? Oooohhhhooo… who doesn’t like holidays??? Yeah my love just made my day 😉

Make someone happy today… just like Mr. husband did 🙂

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