Product Review – VLCC Geranium & Grapefruit Anti Ageing Soap.

Modern Indian Mom

Modern Indian Mom

During my last visit to India,I came across this product in one of the health & beauty stores. It said Natural Bathing Bar, its said anti ageing, I kind of liked the fragrance (not great but pleasant), so thought it wasnt a bad idea to drop it in the shopping cart.

I am using this for couple of months now & I am very much in love with this one. I wont say the anti ageing properties have worked wonders on my skin. I strongly believe there’s no magical ingredient that will work on you overnight, the benefits of any product will show on continuous use. So I would love to continue using this because it works so great on my dry skin. after using this soap my skin really feels nourished. Both these oils are known to have cleansing properties that helps kick out those unwanted toxins from your body. The fragrance like I said may not be something you would run for, but i must say it relaxes your mind & body.

Would i recommend this product?? definitely. Its worth trying.
Price – INR 85.

Drop me a line about your experience with this natural bathing bar.

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