White Chicken Biryani

Modern Indian Mom

Modern Indian Mom

My husband just loves this delicate biryani. Generally biryani is a whole meal which is pretty robust & strong in its flavours but white biryani is very delicately spiced but tastes really good. If you love very spicy food you may not like it but if you are simply a biryani lover this is a must try. I keep trying various kinds of biryani, n over a period of time i have got the trick right to cook my biryanis to perfection (well sometimes it does go a little less than perfect :-() I love this not just for its taste but also becuase its a quick & easy biryani that any busy mom can opt for. It will be great with boondi raita or Burani. And not to forget some papad.
This is a Sanjeev Kapoor receipe, however i will share with you exactly how i do it.

Step one

Clean and wash the chicken (about 600 grams), make sure all the water is discarded. Now add (said ingredients to the chicken) 8 cloves, 8 green cardamom, 3 (i inch each) cinnamom stick,10 whole black pepper, 1 heaped tablespoon ginger paste, 1 heaped tablespoon garlic paste, 4-5 green chilies chopped finely, 2 tablespoon Almond paste, 1 tablesoon lime juice, salt (to taste), 1 cup full of curd & 2 tablespoon of Ghee (clarified butter). Mix it all well making sure all your chicken peices are coated well. Now keep it aside for a while. Original receipe does not call for any marinating time, however if i am not in hurry i do leave it for an hour or so. Original receipe also calls for khoya in the marinate, however i not use it as i am unable to find it in the supermarket. I am sure it enhances the flavour, but missing khoya is defintely no unjustice to this great dish.

Step two

Wash Basmati rice ( 1 and half cup), and leave it soaked in water for 15 min.

Step three

Take water (5 cups) in a deep pan. Add 6 green cardmom, 6 cloves, 10 whole black pepper, 2 bay leaf, 2 (i inch each) cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, half teaspoon caraway seeds, 1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste,salt (to taste). Put the pan on flame & let it come to a boil. Once its boiling add milk (1 cup) to the boiling water & give it a stir & wait for few minutes till its boiling again. You may not have to wait longer if the milk is already warm. Now add rice to the boiling water. You need this rice to be 3/4th cooked. Take a grain and give it a bite. If you feel its cooked from outside but theres still a bite inside you know the rice is ready to be layered.

Step four

As soon as your rice is on the flame. You must place the chicken in the pan (in the one you would want to layer it) cover the pan & let it start cooking on medium flame. Do not stir or disturb the chicken as you have layered it. By the time your rice is done, the chicken would be simmering.

Step five

When the chicken is simmering in the pan & the rice is 3/4th done, its time for layering. If rice is done put the flame off & directly from boiling water take the rice & start layering on the chicken. let the rice along with a little bit of its water. This will help create more moisture for your rice to get cooked perfectly. Once layered all the rice, spread some cardamom poweder all over, 3 tablespoon of ghee, 1/4th cup of cream. NOw seal cover the pan & let it cook on medium flame for 10 minutes. Now slow the flame to low & cook for another 15 minutes.
Do the open the pot/pan as soon as you put the flame off. There will be some steam inside which is great for your biryani to get cooked perfectly. You may open the pot say after 10 minutes to check if the rice and chicken is cooked. Take a spatula and dig in in from one of the sides (corner) deep to the bottom & pull upwards. You will have a peice of chicken & some rice fluffing up. Check its done & you are ready to serve.

Do drop me a line if you try this receipe.

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10 Responses to White Chicken Biryani

  1. theskychick says:

    it looks very good indeed but it seems very hard to do 🙂

    • lol biryani’s are always a bit of hardwork. However worth the effort.

      • theskychick says:

        have you tried using different rice varieties like brown or red? for the health conscious… 😀

      • Brown rice is great. Never tried red though. It is a bit difficult to get the same texture or aroma with brown rice though. And not to forget Brown basmati rice is also available. So do give it a try. If you still find it difficult do not forget to share with friends may be someone gets motivated to try making it for you 🙂

  2. rathodpurvi says:

    will definitely give this recipe a try. its very close to the biryani i make but with lots of flavour going in and the biryani still white seems like a different experience.. u can also check out my version of Chicken biryanihttp://rathodpurvi.wordpress.com/2013/02/..

  3. Um Ibrahiim says:

    I love Biryani rice! And it comes in so many different flavors and styles of cooking. Which rice would you recommend. I always somehow purchase rice that doesn’t seem to be the right one when I’m trying to make rice.

    • Hello Um, Basmati rice is the best for any kind of biryani. The long grains & aroma of this rice does the magic. In terms of brands, i have tried India gate & Indus valley. Both are just great but India gate is kind of my favourite 🙂

      • Um Ibrahim says:

        Thanks! I’ll definitely try those. The rice I used to buy was just not good, it would break and cook too easily causing the rice to be too mushy some times.

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