Sesame Roast Chicken

I was in a mood to experiment something in the kitchen today (of course with some leftover or rarely used ingredients). And i thought of roasting some chicken thigh & drumsticks. It came out really good. The chicken was moist & juicy. Veggies had a bite yet cooked well. So overall a good quick roast recipe. You may not see sesame seeds over my dish (i used sesame paste here) as i did not have them in my kitchen but it’s always a good idea to sprinkle some sesame seeds to make it look great.

Sesame Roast chckn 1

So here we go.

I used the oven on Multi Cooking Mode. Pre-heated for 15 min at 200 degree celsius. And the dish took 35 minutes at 200 degree celsius.

Step one
Clean & wash the chicken pieces (about 500 grams) & keep them aside. In a bowl take 1/4th cup olive oil, Apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoon), 1 and a half teaspoon pepper powder, 2 whole dried red chilies broken, crushed garlic (1 and half heaped tablespoon),Carom Seed / Ajwain (1 teaspoon), Oregano (2 teaspoon), Fresh mint leaves (about 5 -6)Sesame paste (2 heaped teaspoon) and salt (to taste). Mix it all well to form a smooth paste. Rub in the marinate to the chicken & keep it aside.

Step two
Slice Onions, Your choice of Pepper (green,yellow or red),Some carrots & some beans. In a bowl add 1/4th cup olive oil,white vinegar (1 tablespoon),Crushed garlic (1 teaspoon), salt (to taste), Pepper powder (1 teaspoon), Mixed herbs (2 teaspoon). Mix it all well and keep the dressing drizzle ready.

Step three
Once the oven is ready, place the chicken pieces in the center. Place the vegetables in groups on the sides. Now drizzle the dressing over the veggies covering them. put only as much-needed to cover them.

Marinated Sesame Roast chicken.

Marinated Sesame Roast chicken.

Now its time for the tray to go in the oven for 30 – 35 min. Make sure the oven was preheated for at least 15 min at 200 degree celsius.

As the chicken is ready pull out tray & leave it for few minutes. Now the Sesame Roast chicken is ready to be served. It will be great with Arabic bread (khubbus) & Hummus on the side. However for me just the chicken and those veggies made a full meal.

Sesame Roast chicken

Do give it a try & come back with your comments. Hope you enjoy this dish.

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