Nothing like breathing fresh air!!

I am in this city for about 3 years now… however i found it a little boring as i felt there was nothing much to do. Till my baby arrived the life was just about some shopping in great malls around or a dinner out. But i must say little ones push to see better things in life 🙂 Knowing that our son needs more play time than times in malls, now we look for parks & plan a visit there to see how happy he would be. Last evening we landed up in the MIA park (Doha), with some good friends. It was wonderfully breezy… the view of the skyline & waterfront made it just wonderful. Only after coming here i realised how good it feels to breathe some fresh air. My friend said… it feels so relaxing to walk on the grass… thats when i realised she was walking bare foot with me… i decided to leave my footwear alone for a while to enjoy some walking on the grass. Well in all my excitement did i forget my son?? Not really 🙂 he was happily walking with us, running towards the waterfront to have a look at the water… trying to cath a cat that was walking around, kicking the ball and much more. This is other side of modern life… we all love this… it’s just about trying some traditional things & revisiting the experiences.

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