Visit to a play school.

Yesterday we finally walked in to a play school for son. This is the first time (after i finishied my play-pre-schooling lol) that i went to playschool. With the kind of lifestyle we live here we think our child needs some social time, make new friends, interact with more kids & hence this move. He’s 18 months & probably back home we wouldnt be looking for a play school so soon. But here we need to. I must say i was impressed with this place. Its called the “The Play House” & it is very equipped with what a toddler would need. However i am yet to visit more places to really be able to compare n decide whats the best for him. Only concern thats constantly bothering me is the staff with an accent. In this part of world majority of Indians are from Kerela, and majority of them come with an accent. WOndering if this will really influence the language. All in all a great place & great staff but i may have to visit more places to declare it the best 🙂

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